Parquet: a natural choice

Each plank of parquet is unique. When you invite it into your home, you bring a piece of the natural world inside, and you benefit from the best it has to offer : simple, clean lines, the basis for refined decorative styles and comfortable atmosphere.

Our collection of exclusive and attractive parquets offers you a choice of :

  • many species of wood, each with its own particular character,
  • a wide range of sizes : from narrow 1-strips to extra-wide planks, and 3 strips,
  • a very tough high-tech varnish, easy to maintain, or a natural, deep-oiled traditional finish,
  • a range of colours and finishes that suits current styles

Choosing a parquet is not just a matter of preferring one type of wood over another. You are also seeking to enhance your living space, in accordance with its dimensions and outlook. A small room? A large hallway? This is where the width and length of the boards you choose will really come into play. This is why BerryAlloc's ranges of parquet come in a variety of colours and finishes, as well as different widths.

Explore our extensive collection of parquets - or read more about our parquet here - and create the ambiance that best suits you. Whatever you choose, BerryAlloc parquets will give your interior its very own unique, natural character.

Have also a look at our Oak Selection Guide to get more explanation on the different qualities of wood (Chateau, Manoir, Residence, Elegance, Natural and Contry)